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Getting Started with Full Score Travel



Full Score Travel offers a full complement of travel products, from private tours abroad to hotel reservations for the in-laws. In considering Full Score Travel, muse upon our repertoire of travel opportunities including: Luxury Cruises, All-Inclusive Land Tours, Group Travel (family reunion, clubs), Air, car, and hotel reservations and trip protection insurance.


To help you make decisions about your journey, we start with one simple question.  What motivates you to travel?  Do you want to soak up the sun on an exotic beach in Tahiti or experience the culture of Barcelona?  Perhaps a fascination with history is what motivates you; or you are looking to explore your ancestral roots.  Full Score Travel will listen to your desires and then work with you to create a score you will always remember.  We want to offer suggestions to you that fit your own dreams, whether you are seeking a one-of-a kind walking tour across England, or are more comfortable with a larger ensemble.  From the day you pick up the phone and call us until you are unpacking at home again, we are there to help your travel dreams become your fondest memories. 


To get started, lets arrange a time to get together, virtually or in person, to learn how we can  work together harmoniously.  Once we have confirmed that our partnership will be a good fit, we can start orchestrating your journey.  As with other professionals, there is an initial fee for new clients of only $100, used in gathering information that pertains to establishing the relationship, and used in all research and custom-designed itineraries.