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In normal times, a good travel agent can be very helpful in making arrangements that result in a smooth, trouble free trip.  But in times of adversity and uncertainty, an excellent travel agent can work miracles. Joy has been that miracle worker.    

                  Janet R.

I have had the pleasure of traveling with Joy several times and I am continually impressed with how every facet of my trips have been well planned out, covering many items I wouldn't normally think of (or think of them at the last minute!).  Joy is an exceptional travel arranger, host and planner.  It's quite a treat to feel confident that all is taken care of, letting me enjoy my travels that much more.  I look forward to future trips planned by Full Score Travel.

             Deb K.

Joy did an incredible job in making sure our trip was truly an experience we will not forget. Not once, not twice, but three times she had to rearrange the trip due to COVID cancellations. Our 19-day vacation of a lifetime went flawlessly. Her contacts in the travel industry had us staying at excellent hotels and being guided on private tours by true professionals. While not yet fully recovered from the last trip, we are planning our next adventure knowing that Joy will make it another memorable experience.

                           Terri S.


TEL: 360.457.9306

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Many years ago, when helping a group experience their first river cruise, Joy saw first-hand how fun it can be to work with families in making their travel a fulfilling stressless experience.   One member in the group said, “You are doing this so well, you should be a travel agent!”  The words planted the seeds that became Full Score Travel.

Joy’s college studies were all in the humanities and music. and as work experience prior to that had been in helping musical ensembles accomplish the music on the score, she started comparing how similar the process is: helping others experience new places (or music) means appreciating their prior experiences and motivations, as well as the proposed surroundings (or musical score,) the preparations, and the actual going, (or performing,) being wowed and enriched.  In fact, arranging enriching, meaningful travel is ALL about knowing the Full Score. It has been an enriching and fulfilling “career” move as well!