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Whether you want to relax on the top of a river cruise space ship, or experience all that the large ocean liners have to offer, Full Score Travel can help you set sail on the adventure of a lifetime.


If exploring on solid ground is more your style, Full Score Travel can assist you in designing the perfect tour, whether by plane, train or automobile.  Walking tours are also part of our repetoire.


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Full Score Travel has been orchestrating adventure since 2010 and is the fulfillment of a dream of a musician/travel expert, Joy Lingerfelt. It began with a passion for traveling well, and a desire to share the world’s most remarkable destinations with others. We all appreciate how expertly arranged travel plans can become the best experiences of our lives. Whether with an established “bucket list” or arrangements for an alumni group trip, our clients have come to know our dedication to making the most of the time and sights to be seen.

As you consider where your journey might take you, having a professional travel arranger on your side makes a score that is music to your ears and the rest of your senses. Just as in music, an agent sells you the pre-packaged product, the lyrics (experience) already set to music (location). A travel arranger collaborates with you to nurture the melody that you have been humming for years and put your passion into the travel experience. 

With the availability of vaccines, the opportunities for travel have returned. Private group travel and bespoke vacations are showing great promise for new and exciting experiences. Whether you prefer to travel on the water or land, Full Score Travel can compose the ideal itinerary for you. Be it a solo experience or travel with a larger ensemble, Full Score Travel will provide you with unparalled support from the moment you start exploring options until you unpack full of memories, upon your return home. So where are YOU wanting to go next?



Full Score Travel is committed to helping you see the world in comfort and style.  Arranging travel that makes your heart sing is our passion.

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